We are excited to announce that the Darke County General Health District has approved M S I Environmental’s Lid and Riser System for use in their county! M S I Environmental uses a combination of concrete lids and high quality plastic dual wall riser tube. M S I Environmental’s Lid & Riser System was already approved by and has been in use for many years in the other counties we service. There are numerous advantages to the use of this combination including:

  • There are infinite variable heights which can be obtained with high quality plastic dual wall riser tube by simply cutting to the desired height
  • High quality plastic dual wall riser tube will resist gases which might otherwise lead to deterioration or corrosion providing long term durability
  • Due to its rugged, durable yet lightweight nature, high quality plastic dual wall riser is easy to move and install
  • Combined with concrete lids, the riser system is durable enough to drive over with a lawn mower and heavy enough to keep children from gaining access
  • High quality plastic dual wall riser tube is very cost efficient as well as versatile
  • MSI uses 18″ diameter riser tube which works well for septic maintenance and access for repairs to the inlet and/or outlet of the septic tank
  • Concrete lids are rebar reinforced as well as durable and when combined with high quality plastic dual wall riser tube and flexible rubber sealant
  • The riser system will last for many years under normal conditions and can be specifically fitted to be practical, non-obstructive and convenient
  • All joints are sealed with a high quality rubber sealant which provides permanently flexible watertight joints. This high quality flexible sealant does adhere to plastic as well as concrete. The sealed joints will not shrink, harden or oxidize upon aging and is durable through a wide range of temperature fluctuations.

MSI’s riser system can be installed to bring the access to the septic system to a level flush with the ground for easy access as well as not disrupting mowing or other lawn Maintenance.