Not usually. However, there are exceptions. Once again, following a suitable pumping schedule can make the difference. You may need to take off work or arrange for a friend or relative to be present at the time of the pumping if you are having difficulties with your system. On the other hand, a well maintained system with lids easily accessible and requiring only a routine pump out, should not require your presence at the time of service. When you call to schedule your septic tank pumping, it will help us determine whether you need to be present at the time of service, if you inform us of any of the following circumstances:

Problems such as system backups, gurgling sounds in the plumbing, slow draining sinks and toilets, foul odor (*BE SAFE: If unsure of the source of odor, always check for possible gas or propane leaks 1stand take appropriate safety precautions), black or gray water standing in your yard or discharging from your outlet tile into a creek or ditch.

  • The presence of a pet. (We do ask that pets be contained during our time on your property, for their safety and ours.)
  • Limited access to the septic tank. (Inside a fenced in area, locked gate, or under any structure such as a patio, deck or garage) This may or may not require your presence at the time of service and you may need to do some preparation in order for us to be able to access the tank.
  • Systems that would require over 200’ of hose to reach the access lids. This may not require your presence at the time of service, but your septic tank pumping may need to be scheduled at a time when the ground is dry or frozen enough to drive across to reach the system.