No. However, if we pump your septic tank and suspect a clogged line from your house to your septic tank or your septic tank to the drain field, we can put suction on the line. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove the clog, since any number of obstructions could be present, including items wrongly flushed down the toilet or tree roots in your outlet line. Frequently, however, putting vacuum on a line will clear out the clog. For older systems with lines made from materials such as steel or cast iron pipe it is a good idea and often necessary to replace these lines with PVC lines. For clogged drains not pertaining to the septic system, we recommend calling a plumber or jet rod service. Since we maintain a commitment to give our customers cost effective service, it would not be cost efficient for us to utilize a vacuum truck to work on a drain line unless we are pumping the septic tank.