Most newer septic systems have access lids that are visible at or just above ground level. Some older systems can be located  by finding an area of the yard that grows faster and is greener than the rest of the yard or possibly an area with less growth. If there is no visible sign of where the tank is located, you can contact your local county health department. Depending on when the system was installed the health department may have a permit on record which should include a diagram showing the location of the system. If no such record exists, you have several other options for attempting to locate the system. One option is to locate the place where your sanitary line exits your house. There is usually a cleanout visible close to the house foundation. Using a tile probe, poke around in the ground to find the sanitary line. Once located, follow the sanitary line out from that spot until you find the septic tank. If you still can’t find the tank, you can call a septic system installer for additional tips. If your septic tank does not have access lids at or above ground level, we strongly suggest having them installed.