We can do inspections. Depending on the county you are in, the health department may need to do the inspection for the sale or purchase of real estate. *Check first with your local county health department for regulations concerning inspections. The septic tank will need to be pumped at the time of the inspection in order to be as thorough as possible. We cannot guarantee that a septic system will not fail. Due to the subterranean nature of septic systems it is impossible to determine their overall condition. No prediction can be made as to when or if a system might fail. We can comment on the performance of the system on the day of inspection, but this is in no way intended to be a guarantee that the system will not fail. Performance can be altered by factors such as excessive rainfall, heavy water usage, use of a garbage disposal or lack of maintenance. Other performance altering factors include vacancy of the home, faulty plumbing, neglect or physical damage to the system. We do suggest that any blueprints of the system be obtained from the health department if possible.