When Mike’s Sanitation is called to pump a septic tank, it is our goal to provide this service as quickly and efficiently as possible. One of the highest compliments a customer can pay us is to say “I couldn’t even tell you had been here”. Our customers appreciate not having ruts dug into their yard, or messes left at the pumping site. There are still a couple of ways to tell that we have been there. If nobody was home, our driver would have left a bill or note in a door if possible or you should find a flag stuck in the ground close to the septic tank. Sometimes these notes may blow away or go unfound.

A quick look inside the septic tank should confirm that it has been pumped. The tank will contain liquid only or an extremely small amount of solids depending on how soon you check it after it’s been pumped. We can also look at our records to see which day we pumped the tank.