There are a number of advantages to newer septic systems. One obvious advantage of a new system, properly installed and maintained, is peace of mind. Some older systems still in use are no longer permitted under current Health Department regulations. If in doubt contact your local county health department. Another major advantage of newer systems is the use of PVC lines and other modern plumbing techniques which greatly reduce the risk of system backups if the system is properly maintained. Installation of new systems generally means easier access for pump outs with lids initially placed at or above ground level. This eliminates the need to dig up the lawn. New systems have secondary treatment systems to further treat the water before it gets discharged. Older systems were frequently routed directly from the tank into a tile which discharged into a stream, ditch or creek. That practice is no longer allowed under Health Department regulations since it is detrimental to public health and the environment. Not everyone needs to have a new system installed. Your septic system can last many years if properly installed and maintained.