During an inspection, our service provider will try to determine the following

The type of system. (Septic tank, aeration system, etc.)

  • The capacity of the tank in gallons
  • Was the liquid in the tank at the proper level?
  • Was there any surface discharge observed or effluent noticed on the ground?
  • Did water enter the tank from the house? (Need to have access to running water in the house to check this.)
  • Was the outlet tee in place?
  • Did the tank appear to be in good working condition?
  • Does the tank have lids and risers and are they in good condition?
  • Did the level of solids in the tank warrant pumping?
  • Was the system working properly as observed?

Our service provider will make note of any repairs made or needed as observed.

*Septic systems are subterranean , therefore, it is impossible to determine their overall condition. Also, when no water is entering the field lines, i.e., if the house is vacant, a determination of their status is difficult. No prediction can be made as to when or if a system might fail.

Our inspection reports comment on the performance of the system on the day of the inspection, and are in no way intended to be a warranty.

Performance can be altered by factors such as excessive rainfall, heavy water usage, use of a garbage disposal, faulty plumbing, neglect or physical damage to the system. All tanks require pumping maintenance at regular intervals.