A high water condition means that the water is not leaving your tank as fast as it is entering. The water level in the tank should be at the bottom of your outlet line. There are several conditions that can result in high water and your options for solving the problem depend on the cause. If you don’t practice good maintenance with an adequate pumping routine, then you should call and schedule an appointment. If, after having the system pumped, the problem remains, it may be due to poor soil conditions or a build up of solids from poor system maintenance. One option may be to add bacteria to your leach field lines. Doing this can dissolve tiny blockages in the pores of the soil. Excess water from roof run off not directed away from the drain field area can also be problematic. Install gutters and down spouts connected to tiles and make landscape changes as necessary to channel water away from the septic system. Contact an installer for more information on causes and solutions for high water conditions.