Lids and risers bring access to the tank up to or just above ground level depending on your preference. In most areas, regulations require risers on septic systems in order to pass inspection. Check with your local county health department concerning regulations in your area. Having lids and risers installed is well worth the initial cost involved since it will eliminate the time and expense of having someone locate and dig up the access to the tank for future pump outs. In our area, frozen or extremely hard ground can make pump outs very difficult and sometimes impossible, if you don’t have lids at or above ground level. This means pumping the system will have to wait until weather and ground conditions permit. In problem situations where you need a pump out immediately, who has time to wait for weather or ground conditions to improve in order to get the tank pumped out? Pumping some systems requires the use of a backhoe to gain access to the tank. This can quickly become very expensive and leave your lawn a mess. Since most people like to keep a well manicured lawn, with minimum upkeep, lids can be installed at ground level so there will be no need to trim around them. You can simply mow over them. Mike’s Sanitation carries lids and risers to fit most septic systems. Many times we can install them immediately after we pump your septic tank.